Friday, June 30, 2017

12 weeks and updates

Some important updates from week 12:

1) Giggles.  Oh, the giggles!  Delicious, delightful belly laughs that make sunshine overflow in my living room.  They're the greatest.

2)  Yes, it is 12 weeks later.  As of a just a few days ago, the swelling in my abdomen from my surgery has finally gone down.  Hooray!!  Three cheers!  Now if I could just get the sore feeling three inches above my incision to subside, we'd really be in business.

3)  Luke means "light-giving."  In the Bible, he is the "beloved physician." I have no words to describe just how accurate that is for our sweet little boy.  He brings light and life and healing after a difficult year, tough pregnancy and a spring that was just beyond words. It is the perfect name for this precious little boy.  We are SO, so blessed.

Happy 4th of July!

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