Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bigger and Better

Welcome, 2nd Trimester!!!!

Hello, glorious second trimester! We have long-awaited your arrival!

I am so grateful to be able to say that I am in my 2nd trimester. As much as I would like to say I've played it cool from the get-go... I think we can all attest, that's just not in my nature. I have fretted over every little thing, particularly because that first trimester can be a little risky.

Even so, I have also learned a lot about myself in the past 14 weeks. I am proud of myself for the way I have handled that difficult first trimester. I am tougher than I think I am, and mind over matter really went a LONG way for me the past three months! I really can't complain, it has been comparatively easy to some of the horror stories I've heard. Although not everything was particularly pleasant, and there is definitely a lot to adjust to, I have enjoyed every single minute of being pregnant!!

Lovin' the maternity pants!

Here is a little snapshot of our first 14 weeks of pregnancy:

14 times I cried over something ridiculous (let's just pretend this number actually stops at 14, I didn't keep an exact count!)
13 friends and family members told the news (though more by word of mouth - our parents' big mouths!)
12 times a day (at least) I had to take a detour to the bathroom. Generally, at least 5-6 of those were at night.
11 extra trips to the grocery store - made by my awsesome husband, of course, because he's kind - for pregnancy-related foods.
10 days that we had bean burritos for dinner because it is all that sounded good to me.
9 foods - including chicken, salmon, almonds, most meats, and certain kinds of veggies - that I used to eat every day that sound absolutely disgusting to me since getting pregnant.
8 pounds gained. A little more than recommended, but I had been on a ridiculous diet and work out regimine prior to getting pregnant. There was NO WAY I was ever going to keep that up. Ah, size 4, I shall miss you.
7 centimeters Baby measured at last ultrasound.
6 articles of maternity clothes purchased, 4 shirts and 2 amazing pairs of pants that I'd like to live in
5 calls to the nurse to make sure what I was experiencing was normal
4 nights when I felt decent enough to make dinner. Poor Casey.
3 times we ordered Chinese food, which has been a huge craving of mine
2 visits to the doctor, complete with ultrasound pictures!
1 time I couldn't avoid the nausea and actually threw up.

HOURS and hours that I laid on the couch feeling completely exhausted and/or sick.

The joy of remembering every day that I am beyond lucky to have so many incredible blessings in my life. We are actually having a baby!!! These last 14 items could have said anything, and it would always have been worth it.

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