Tuesday, September 22, 2009

For the books

It is worth noting: this is the world's largest potato!

It has been absolutely freezing in Colorado (48 degrees outside right now... Brrrrr!!!). I completely adore it, it makes me feel like turning on the fire and breaking out the Halloween decorations. But, anticipating the cold, I knew when I planned our menu this week that I needed a potato so I could make broccoli cheese soup.

When Casey came back with this huge thing, I couldn't believe my eyes!!

It's the hugest, most ginormous potato I've ever seen! (And no, that is absolutely not a euphimism!) Seriously, I couldn't even hold it long enough to peel it; it weighs like 30 pounds.

It was worth it, though; our broccoli cheese soup turned out spectacularly! It was a delicious lead in to my favorite fall season!

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