Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Doggie Days

I have been wondering a great deal about how our dogs will respond to having a baby in the house.

Brody is absolutely a sweetheart, and I have no doubt will be a wonderful, loyal playmate as Baby Girl gets older. He loves kids, and his biggest fault is that he wants to follow them around and lick them non-stop.

He may be a little rough for her when she's tiny, but I also think that he has a pretty innate sense of how to respond in most situations, so he may intrinsically know to be gentle with a baby... and then again, maybe not. He is kind of a brute; a gentle giant, to be sure, but still. We'll have to wait and see. But generally speaking, I don't worry about him too much!

Eva, however, is another story.

She is quite the little lady of the house. And by lady, I mean spoiled rotten princess. For example, since she's so little, she is the only dog allowed on the furniture. And she doesn't just like to sleep on the couch. She likes to sleep atop the tallest pile of pillows or the thickest blanket possible....

Eva was my very first baby... the first living thing I ever truly took care of besides myself. She's quite attached to me, and she doesn't willingly share her time.

Little puppy Eva on the first day I brought her home!

Puppy after her first haircut. So tired!

Okay, so she's kind of a spoiled brat. The epitome of cuteness, but she definitely knows it and uses it to her advantage. She doesn't like anyone getting more attention than her, so that could be a very awkward transition!

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