Sunday, November 1, 2009


Happy Halloween!

We love Halloween at our house. We have fabulous fall traditions...
Halloween 2008 - our graveyard this year was burried under a foot and a half of snow!

...none of which we actually got to put into play this year. That's okay; this year was extremely, abnormally busy! There was an entire array of big, life-changing events that took place during the month of October this year in our circle of friends, not to mention for us personally.
But we did keep up our wonderful Halloween night tradition: I made Broccoli Cheese Soup and baked awesome bread, we watch a scary movie (the new Halloween - pretty much just as horrible/awesome as the original!) and answered the door for the little ghosts and goblins of the neighborhood. And this year was just as fun and successful as past years in the decor department; we love to listen to the "oohs" and "aaahs" from the kiddos as they approach our house. Last year, we had a few that were actually too afraid to come up to our door. This year, those same kids were delighted by the spooky decorations! It's fun to see their progression and growth - they change soooo much in a year!
I always love Halloween, and I'm usually sad when it's over. Somehow, this year I just couldn't fully get into the spirit. Between all the big events, and the fact that we didn't get to do many of our traditional activities like haunted houses, and the crazy pre-Halloween blizzard, I never quite made it to my usual "Halloweenie," as Casey calls it. It was still a ton of fun, but I spent most of the day yesterday researching baby gear and nursurey designs... not exactly the most terrifying activity ever (unless you take into account how much everything costs!).
Somehow we managed not to get any pictures on Halloween, but we did take a little video of our awesome, spooky, Haunted Halloween house. Enjoy!

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