Thursday, December 24, 2009


Welcome, third trimester!!!

Alright, so in the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I missed the actual day of our entry into trimester 3, which was yesterday. But we are no less excited to be that much closer to meeting our daughter.

The second trimester was a wonderful whirlwind of milestones, and a joyous time for me physically and emotionally. Here are some of the highlights.

Before the second trimester, I didn't know:

...How truly fun and delightful pregnancy can be!

...How big my belly would get (I am sure I still have a way to go on that one).

...Whether we were waiting on a little boy or a little girl. That is still one of the most defining moments of my pregnancy.

...How, along with my joy and love for her, my anxiety over her safety would increase - not decrease - the further along in pregnancy we get.

...That the sweet movements - and even, more recently, the not-so-sweet ones - of our baby would become the absolute center of Daddy's and my world.

...The amazing amount of gratitude and love I could feel toward my husband. He has been the most generous, helpful, supportive, loving man through these past months. I wouldn't want to go through any of this without him!

...My own capacity to dream! I have never, ever been able to really remember my dreams, and frankly to my recollection, I don't really dream at all. Since starting the 2nd trimester, though, I have had some very vivid, strange and enchanting dreams!

...That this whole time of year - from fall to Christmas, which is usually my favorite time of year anyway - could be made even more beautiful by our daughter. I keep thinking about how next year will be all of her "firsts," and somehow, that doesn't really seem correct. In my heart it will be her second year to experience all of our holiday traditions - it's just that only Mommy and Daddy will really appreciate how significant that is!

Twelve weeks left, and I can't believe it. I hope that I will handle the next twelve weeks - including the big finale! - with strength, patience and joy, remembering always how very, very lucky we are to be blessed in this amazing way.

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