Tuesday, December 22, 2009


It has been a tradition since 2004, but we forgot to capture it that year.

It was fun in 2005...

In 2006, we took a cruise and closed on our house one week later, so we skipped it that year. I think we were just a bit overwhelmed, and had a few other things on our minds.

But in 2007, we were able to return to it for our first Christmas in our new house!

(Part of the tradition is that Casey has to make a really obnoxious/lude cookie every year)

Thanks to some new cookie cutters, 2008's turned out better than ever!

And I wasn't disappointed in this year's batch:

...Even if it was a bit more challenging to reach the mixing bowl this year!

Cookie production line

Happy bakers...

My personal favorites from this year's cookies:

I like the first based on the sheer cuteness factor. I like the latter because it looks quite similar to me these days!

Wishing you a delicious holiday season!

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