Wednesday, December 16, 2009

27 Weeks

We have arrived at week 27, just shy of beginning the third trimester. Although I am so excited (SOOO! excited), it is also a curious experience.
My brain understands that we are having a baby in about three months, and yet it is still extremely difficult to imagine what life will be like once she's here. My brain understands that she still has a LOT of growing to do, and yet when I look at my belly or in the mirror, it is impossible to imagine how that is actually going to be accomplished. I feel so big already!

I know the biology of it, but somehow, knowing what is coming doesn't help me to figure out just how it's going to work. It is a very odd feeling!

And so I am trying to relax, and take it all in a day at a time and savor every bit of it, including the difficult parts. When I do start to feel anxious or worried, I am usually saved when Baby Girl does something amazing, like hiccup (yes, this is vastly amazing in my world!).

A few days ago, Casey and I were able to feel the outline of her little baby body and where she was positioned in my belly. That was really cool! We're still stymied on which end was up (we could mostly feel the curve of her back, and what we think was a rear end), but it was neat to have such access to her.

We're definitely getting excited, and with that excitement comes a great many new emotions as we truly get ourselves prepared to meet our little one.

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  1. I love the hiccups! For some reason Cecilia's hiccups solidified the transition from "my baby" in womb to MY BABY because they felt exactly the same. Enjoy this last trimester- it goes really fast!


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