Saturday, December 5, 2009

Parade in the City

Item number two on our holiday-tradition checklist:
The Parade of Lights!

I adore this tradition! Casey and I always have fun getting bundled up, having a wonderful dinner date downtown, stopping for a little starbucks to keep us warm and watching the balloons, floats and marching bands stream down the streets of Denver. We cap off our evening with Cheesecake and coffee... well, the tradition is coffee, but this year we subbed hot coccoa since Baby and I had already had enough coffee for the day.
Parade of lights 2008
Either way, it was an evening of delicious food and cheerfully festive fun - despite the very chilly temperatures.

It was kind of amazing, too, to know that this is the very last time we will be attending this holiday tradition as just a family of two. That really struck me last night. Next year, getting to the parade won't be quite as easy or effortless; we'll have quite the entourage of stuff! Not to mention, a cute little Christmas baby who will get to enjoy the parade for her very first time.

Well... I like to think almost her very first time. Baby Girl did wonderfully during the parade. I thought that all the noise might make her squirm, the way it did at the Avalanche game. But she was very quiet, despite the loud floats, crowds and banging drums of the marching band. I think she was even sleeping during most of the parade! I suppose - having me as a mother - she has had to grow accustomed to loud noises!

The only bummer of the night was that we forgot the battery for the camera. Fortunately, we bought a little disposable so we will have some pictures of the special day, but we actually have to develop the film. How strange to think that, for most of my life, that was a very normal process! It seems like such an outdated way to do things!!!

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