Monday, December 7, 2009

Doctor, doctor!

Another trip to the doctor, another (thankfully and joyously!) great report!

Highlights of the trip include:

* Baby is measuring closer to week 27, even though I'm not quite yet at week 26. I hope that's not indicative of anything! Casey was a 9 pound baby... I'm just saying...

*I have somehow managed to gain just the right amount of weight, even though I feel MASSIVELY huge.

*The infection I somehow contracted in my nailbed - which I had to go to the doctor and get antibiotics for - is not a big deal. Evidently, self-healing is not one of my super powers!

*Baby's heartbeat is very strong, and she looks "perfect." I think she is perfect, but I'm biased!

*Glucose test in two weeks, which I am not particularly looking forward to. Casey wasn't able to go with me to this appointment, but I will definitely make him come to that one as it involves needles and having blood drawn. Yuck!

I continue to be humbled, amazed and grateful for each milestone we overcome. I'm so proud of our baby girl as she grows! It is such an incredible process, and one I am so thrilled to be a part of. I can't help but marvel at my once-little belly - now getting bigger literally every day. It is amazing how much you can love someone you've never even met!

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