Thursday, September 8, 2011

Because you are wildly loved

You throw the cups, brightly colored to attract your little toddler eyes, fiercely off the table and yell, "NO!"

{You are wildly loved}

Your fists pound in an uneven rhythm, beating out the words of frustration you cannot say.

{You are my heart, my wild love}

Little hands raise that pink sippy cup above your head, and bring it down with the full force of your strength.  Right into my nose.  You laugh, entertained by my cry of pain.

{A mother's love is endless}

The whole grocery store wincecs as we pass by and you yell out the opposite of sweet nothings at the top of your lungs.

{The sunshine of your laugh gets me every time}

Your head rests against my shoulder, your arms circle my neck and your eyes flutter with the heaviness of sleep.  You are warm.  You are beautiful.  You are mine. 

{The answer to my life's question}

I will do it all again tomorrow, with  more gratitude than you'll ever know.

{You are wildly loved}

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