Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Big Fat Thanks

So at the risk of getting all sappy and revealing just what a big crybaby I am (as if you didn't already know...), I have to take a moment to tell you all thanks.  Great, big, weepy thanks. 

Comments, e-mails, facebook messages.  You're awesome. 

I'll spare you the details of my doctors appointment and other fun things that come with the after.  Instead, I'll tell you that I'm fine, that getting on after all of this is easier the second time around, and that the best news to come from the doc is that we don't have to wait three months to try again.  In fact, once things go back to normal, we're in the clear.

So... that particular chapter is over.  But the story?  It continues.

And I feel awfully lucky to have so many out there in the great big unknown of the internet rooting for me.  Have no doubt, I'll happily get my pom poms if I can ever return the favor. 

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