Thursday, September 1, 2011

The one with my best friend... the psychic

Some of my favorite conversations with Jessica have begun, "So I had this dream..."

It's not me that does the dreaming.  I almost never have dreams that I remember.  Jessica, on the other hand, dreams all the time.  About everything.

And occassionally, about things that actually come to pass.

She's been known to predict an engagement (or like four.  Seriously.  She dreamed it, and within a week: ta da!  Enfianced.)

The night before we found out Leah was a girl, she dreamed it.  And, of course, Leah turned out to be a girl, even though I was convinced she would be a boy.

All summer long, I kept waiting to get a call that said, "I dreamt you were pregnant!"  But it never came.  Finally, the day of my period came and went, and I tried desperately not to get excited. 

The same day, I got a text that read, "I dreamed you had another baby girl!" 

I hadn't shared with her that I was late, because I didn't want to have to take it back if it turned out to be nothing.  But when I got her text, well... it was pretty much over.  And, as it turns out...

...she was right.  I'm telling ya.  Psychic.

(Which also means I'm already convinced our baby is a girl, even though we're nowhere remotely near finding out, but more on that later...)

Now if we could only get her to dream about the lottery numbers.

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