Monday, December 19, 2011

The bye-bye box

Today, Leah and I made this:

...the most beautiful, poorly-wrapped shoe box with random holiday stickers all over it.

Why?  Because the time has come for someone to officially get rid of the paci for good.  We long ago gave up using it during the day, but since she turned one, those pacis have come out every nap time and each night before bed.

And, the time had come to make that transition into big-girl-hood.

So Mommy told her that we were going to make a special bye-bye paci box and give them to little kids who didn't have any pacis.

You know, pretty much the pacifier equivalent of the old your dog's going to the farm fable. 

She was super excited, and we talked about how the kids would say, THANK YOU, LEAH! when they opened her bye-bye box.

To my amazement, bed time was relatively simple, all things considered.  There was a lot of wailing leading up to bed time when we had to remind her that her pacis were gone, but once she was in bed it only lasted about three minutes.

I must admit, it may have been harder on me to see her reach this milestone.  That is one grown up little girl.

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