Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dear elements: Stop ruining my photo shoot.

Okay, so I know it's February.  And I know it's Colorado.  But I waited for a day where the weather was supposed to be above freezing and the sun was supposed to make an appearance. 

I mean, come on!  I tried to get pregnant at a time when the weather would accommodate cute pictures... throw me a bone!

The nearly 50-degree weather that was predicted never actually materialized.  What we got instead was cloudy skies and a very chilly wind coming off the lake that made it very difficult to smile, seeing as our eyes were watering and our teeth chattering.

No matter which way we tried... it didn't seem to get us out of the cold.

We even tried again with the coats on...
...but there was just no relief from that darn wind.

Overall, Leah enjoyed herself,

and we ultimately got what we came for.

Even if it wasn't quite the picture perfect moment I had in mind. 

Hello, world.  Welcome to our family of four.

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