Friday, February 3, 2012

10 weeks and a snow day

I like this moment right now, because I know that sometime in June at around 30 weeks, I'm going to look back and remember what it felt like to only be at 10 weeks.  To remember how nerve-wracking this whole early-pregnancy thing is, and appreciate how far we've come and how darn fast those last 10 weeks will go.  Getting to 10 always seems like it takes forever

Hopefully by then my arms will have lost their oh so attractive white-girl-in-winter look.  Just one of the many reasons I'm looking forward to summer. 

Baby size: Prune (about 1.5 inches).

This has been the week of the stomach flu.  I'll absolutely spare you the details; they're totally disgusting.  So, moving on to the only other news I'm willing to talk about...

We had a freak February snow storm here in Colorado.  Everything was cancelled, and before it even snowed a flake to boot.  That includes the state government and my home school district.  To put that in perspective, I went to school there from K-12 and had 2 total snow days in all those years.  Of course, my current school district was closed, too, which meant that I got to stay home with the little. 

And, what can I say?  The girl loves to play in the snow!

And, of course, she always manages to entertain herself in other ways, too...

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  1. you are beautiful! Love all your shots... I'm still waiting for some substantial snow here in indy...


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