Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 6: Something sweet

aka - Pajama run: The idea that sounded good and turned out kind of blah

I had this awesome idea.  It involved surprise icecream, which, in my world, is about the best kind of surprise short of winning the lottery. 

It also involved staying up past our bed time, getting ready for bed - BUT THEN... sneaky mom I am - going for icecream instead. 

I called it a Pajama Run (you know, on account of the running out and about in our pajamas?). 

It started out great.  Leah had her bath, put on her jammies and was ready to settle down for the night, when, instead, Mommy invited her on our first ever PAJAMA RUN!  Instead of going to bed, she would be getting a BIG SURPRISE!

Maybe I over-hyped it, because when we actually got to the froyo shop, she was... underwhelmed.

Although, the little army man in her icecream?  He was a big hit!

The icecream was good, but she still ended the night telling me she didn't really like icecream and she didn't have any fun.  She was also uber-cranky 'cause we were up past bed time.  Score.

Oh well.  Maybe next summer.

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