Sunday, July 15, 2012

The poop on potty training

I'm always surprised by the way learning isn't a progressive, linear path. 

For example, my kid counts to 14.  She has been able to for a while... so why does she suddenly leave out two?  Did it offend her somehow?  Fall out of her head? 

Potty training has been a lot like that. 

She totally gets it.  Most days, she does beautifully.  And then, all of a sudden, for no particular reason, the girl is like Niagara Falls and can't keep a pair of panties dry for a million bucks. 

I'm not totally sure what can be done about it except for practice and patience. 

There are those moments that she tells me, point blank, that she doesn't want to go in the potty, and she proceeds to do exactly that.  Those days, I know we're going to have accidents.  At least I get what I paid for...

Most days, though, we've had many, many more successes than failures.  We still haven't mastered that dreaded number two.  (By the way, we're accepting suggestions on non-gross ways to get failed #2s out of Big Girl panties.  And, believe me, I wouldn't be soliciting if "just dump it" was an option.  Ready?  GO!). 

We were up to nearly three days without an accident (except those #2s, which I figure don't realy count anyway) when she had a set back day and had almost no success all day long. 

Overall, though, I'm impressed by how easy this process has been.  We're getting close to two weeks in, and I'm pleased by her progress. 

I knew she'd be able to do it when she was ready.  And I couldn't love her timing any more; I'm seriously looking forward to having one in diapers at a time!

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