Monday, July 30, 2012

And whining wins July.

Well, it was news that pretty well took the wind out of my sails. 

One hurdle, and we were there.  One lousy little hurdle.  Unfortunately, that hurdle proved to be a 50 foot brick wall. 

It's been about 10 days, and I've thrown a pretty gigantic sized pity-party, complete with lots of self-medicating by eating more icecream than is good for me. 

Because, truth?  I'm heartbroken.  I liked the plan.  Liked it even better because it solved all my worries and truly seemed to come by way of divine intervention. 

Before the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad news, I had honest intentions of actually finishing that photo challenge I started.  That project has kind of died.  I haven't had the heart to worry about picture taking, and frankly I'm not sure when I'll get back to it.  Maybe randomly. 

Aside: I signed up for the photography classes, which were finally scheduled after 5 weeks.  Guess when they take place?  August 12 and 19th.  Yep.  I RSVP'd: I'll be there.  Unless I'm birthing a human.  Raincheck?

So, at least for now, we're back to square one.  A gap I know for sure won't be bridged until after the baby is born.  At this rate, it could be a while.

Will we be home for Christmas???  Oh how I wish I knew.

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