Monday, August 6, 2012

Battleground 2012

One conversation on our way up to Vail in the fall of 2009 lead to Peanut's name. 

That was pretty much the only conversation we've ever had about boys' names; back before we knew we were expecting a girl and wouldn't need to use for another three years.  It just stuck, and we've both been set on it for our little boy. 

Leah's name was easy too: we each made a separate list of our top girls' names.  Turns out, Leah was at the top of both.  Madeline came about within about 24 hours, although it was totally random and to be completely honest, I can't even remember how we landed on it.  We both agreed that it fit perfectly.

So far, we're three for three on selecting names without any dissent. 

Except for one thing: most people have middle names, too. 

Ooooooh, right.  And we can't quite agree on what that middle name should be. 

It's a crossroads we're not totally sure how to bridge.  Who is the tie breaker?  Should we flip a coin?  Rock-paper-scissors?  I'm in favor of a weight contest, but that might be a teensy bit biased. 

We're down to two, and so far, no one is backing down. 

You'll be getting my political adds slandering my husband with things that aren't really true.  Pop culture has taught me nothing if not that this is how to change someone's mind.

Have you heard that he kicks puppies?

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  1. good luck with the name game! :) I am so excited to hear what you decide, and to see this cute little guy of yours!


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