Friday, August 3, 2012

What I know about cloth diapering

1. It always helps to have an assistant when washing diapers for the first time.  Especially if that assistant has new Dora underware she picked out all by herself and wants thrown into the mix.  Because, you know, it's important to be included, and two year olds are great at keeping things organized.

2. It is perfectly acceptable to text Auntie Jessica in the middle of her work day to ask her 17 questions about how to wash cloth diapers.  When she doesn't text back (um, what could possibly be more important?) right away, the next step is to call the store where they were purchased and bother them (twice).

3. The polka dots are my favorite.

4. I won the daughter jackpot, because Leah is a great helper and helped me organize, fold and put away the diapers once they were washed.  No, that really happened - to the very best of her two-year-old ability.  She was totally stoked about it. 

5. Cloth diapers are ridiculously soft.  If they made them in  adult sizes, I'd wear them instead of undeware.  Like, for reals.  I may or may not have tried to bring one or two to bed with me, before my husband informed me that was a little weird. 

6. It feels really, really good to know that Peanut has clean diapers.  Washed, put away, ready for his tiny tushy. 

So, to sum up: going into this cloth diapering thing, I know pretty much squat

Casey keeps laughing at me, 'cause I'm a little anxious about making this switch.  I don't know why I've convinced myself that I can ruin either the diapers or the baby, but I'm pretty sure catastrophe is not out of the question on the butt-covering front. 

Stick with me kids, because we're going to do a little on-the-job learning! 

(And I can't really ruin the baby, right?  I hear they're pretty durable; I'm 1 for 1 on that front so far...)


  1. Just make sure you point the pee pee down in the diaper! If it points up, he pees all up his onesie. Lesson learned the hard way by me, so you don't have to! LOL

  2. I love my cloth gDiapers with Lilly. So, we have an office size trash can with a lid in the nursery. I use a cloth grocery sack and put the dirty's in there. Then, when its time to wash, I just pull the sack out by the handles and put the whole thing in the wash. Easy, easy! The other thing I love are the gcloth liners, I'd bet they will work with your diapers. They are essentially like a paper towel that will "catch" the poop and the pee goes right through. That way, I pull the liner out and flush it with the poop all contained- no scraping needed. Good Luck!


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