Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Things I loved the month you were born

Cheese, cucumber and avocado sandwiches.  Toasted, not melted.

Afternoon rain, bringing our 21 days of 90+ temperatures (that's nearly record setting, 'cause my timing is awesome) into the 70's by evening time.  Tolerable?  Totally.

A black nightie.  I've never, ever worn nighties in my life - I'm a dedicated pants and tank top gal - but this one is awe-some.  Like, most comfortable thing I own awesome.  I'd wear it everywhere if it weren't slightly see-through on top.  Come to think of it, it might even be worth it to show my ta-tas if it means I get to be that comfortable.

Pink lemonade.  Gotta be pink.

Your sweet big sister, who is so excited to meet you.  And who fills me with joy, makes me laugh and feel infinitely grateful (again) to be doing this whole thing a second time.

Naps.  Oh, and also?  Naps.

Your big, belly-rumbling log rolls, and the moments I think you're going to break out through my stomach.  Someday, we'll watch Alien and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

Icecream.  Any size.  Almost any flavor.  From anywhere.  Tonight's fav?  One scoop pralines and cream, one scoop cookies and cream.  Go 31 flavors all the way.

The fact that I'm packing my hospital bag this week.  And washing your diapers, and all the clothes from Auntie Jessica.  And setting up the pack and play.  Oh, how I can't wait to hold, diaper and clothe you!

Your absolutely awesome, mind-blowingly cool daddy.  I don't know where we'd all be without him.  For the record, he has been so ridiculously good to us this last month.  We've been a little worthless as we've gotten bigger, and he has reminded me every day why I love him so much.  I have two emotions when it comes to Daddy: the days I'm glad I picked him to be your daddy, and the days I'm really, really glad. 
(Plus, how do you think we're getting all that icecream I talked about before??)

Happy birthday month, my baby boy.
We'll see you soon.

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