Friday, August 10, 2012

Full term.

There is full grown human in me who could come out tomorrow and become president in 35 years. 

Full term - the most beautiful words second only to he's healthy!  For the record, I hope to be hearing those words very soon, too.

The scariest and most difficult questions of pregnancy - the will it stick? and will he be safe? ones mostly - are officially behind me.  Whether he comes out tomorrow or three weeks from now, it doesn't really matter.  (Although the mess of big, hot, swollen-ankles pregnant lady part of me screams it does too matter!)

My how things have changed!
The biggest part now is the waiting, and the surprise... both of which I've never really done before.  At very nearly this time two and a half years ago, I knew the exact date and time of her arrival.  The suspense and surprise are killing me.

Could my water break in line at the grocery store?  Will I give a room full of 8th graders a lasting first week of school memory?  Maybe I'll suddenly sit up in the middle of the night with that "I just know" feeling and have to whisper, "it's time!" to my sleeping husband.  (But really, no thanks on the second option, in case anyone is keeping track.)

And, you guys?  I can't wait. 

Thanks for sticking with me through this journey.  Cheers to the end beginning.

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