Saturday, December 29, 2012

Daddy snowman has a smile down there

On Christmas eve, Leah and I made these snowmen to use as place cards:

I absolutely loved how they turned out; it was a fun project for her to do, and it was cute as can be on our family's Christmas table. 

The thing about my daughter is that she is incredibly literal. The snowmen got either coat buttons (the ones with three dots) or belly buttons (the ones with one dot or triangles). She explained how what were supposed to be arms according to the package were actually "chicken legs," and she proceeded to put them in the "right" spot. 

All that being said, if you look closely, you can see that Daddy's snowman has an extra little smile. 

(I didn't know it when she was making these, but it actually started out in a different location - a wee bit further south - and serves a rather important purpose.) 

An - ahem - anatomical "smile" if you catch my meaning.

We've been pretty consciensious about where and when Daddy, er, hangs out.  Not to say that we're cautious of it, because it's perfectly natural.  But we don't take family showers, nor does Casey walk around nekkid in front of Leah if he can help it.  (Sidenote: It's hard to help it when your two year old pops in every time you're trying to go to the bathroom, but that's another story.)  We do have a glass shower, and now that she has a brother who we didn't think twice about letting her bathe with, she is certainly aware that there is a difference between her bottom and his, but it's not something she seems worried about at all.  Neither are we.  Nor should we be. 

I always thought I would be one of those people to teach my children the correct anatomical names for things.  When it came down to it, though, Casey and I both seperately decided that our one year old didn't need to know that she has a vagina any more than she needed to know that she has an anus.  We unanimously called it her bottom, and all this time we've differentiated between the "front" and "back" of her bottom. 

We've done the same with her daddy, and now with Logan.  It's not that we won't teach her the proper names for things or that somehow by not naming them we think they're "bad;" it has just seemed like one of those things she doesn't really need to know until she needs to know it.   

So it was very interesting to see just how much she's aware of the fact that boys' bottoms look different than girls', and to see that played out - so-oo accurately, I might add - in her snowman. 

Although we didn't say anything at the time, we did move it before setting it out on the Christmas table.  And - behind her back, so she wouldn't think we were laughing at her creation - we had a good laugh, because really... she gave the daddy snowman a twig and berries!

She is learning oh so many new things as a big sister.  And Casey and I are getting a chance to think about how we'll handle certain conversations that may arise in the future...

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