Saturday, February 23, 2013

The one wherein I need a SAD lamp

So it's been a while.

Like, most of the month of February since I wrote.  Which is really a shame, because I really really like to write. 

I thought about writing about our Valentines Day and how adorable it was.  There was a pink table, complete with confetti, pint-sized little mailboxes, books and chocolates to celebrate. 

But, when the pictures from the day mysteriously wound up deleted from my camera, I lost all my motivation. 

All I have as evidence that Valentines day did not, in fact, go completely unmarked in our house?

Okay, they were completely delicious.  And soooo not on my diet.

Have I mentioned that I greatly dislike February? 

It's true.  Every year, I find that I could skip this month completely.  I'm ready for spring.  March means it's just a hop, skip and a trimester's worth of weeks to summer break, and that is always okay in my book.

This February has consisted of: making lots of baby food; liking my students more every day, but still wanting to cry every Sunday night; watching Downton Abbey - which I do not recommend to pregnant women or new moms, even though I love it; trying to work out and watch what I eat (HAH!); Casey actually being home all month; lots of wall painting; practicing that discipline thing we were going to do for our new year's resolution.

It's been a good month. But even so...

There are cute, summer-y clothes in all the stores.  I bought Leah and Logan swimsuits.  The Easter bunny is preparing to hippity hop on over to our house.  The planning is in full swing for Leah's third birthday.  Days are getting longer again.

C'mon, spring!

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