Thursday, February 28, 2013

Six, a cupcake, and some words

It's official: This has been the fastest six months of my entire life. 

This time thing, it's an epidemic.  It just keeps moving forward before I can grab at any little pieces. 

Do you see this adorable little blue-eyed chub?  He is six months old.  How did that happen?! 

And, in typical fashion, as per the tradition started 2.5 years ago when a certain little miss got her first taste of solid foods in cupcake form, we had to celebrate. 

One of these items may or may not have been re-gifted.  And I may or may not have forgotten just how obnoxious this particular toy is...

I'm slightly obsessed with taking pictures of his hands.  I think it might be because of the way it looks like there is a rubber band around his wrists.  Don't worry, he's just that rollie pollie. 

At first, it was more about the squish factor.
Before too long, though, he got the hang of it.  
Logan has mastered the signs for both "hungry" and "more."  To be fair, it's because those are the only ones I've taught him, although they do come in extremely handy.  And this guy?  He's not afraid to use them when a cupcake is at stake.  A child after my own heart.
Happy half birthday to my beautiful little peanut.  I wish you'd slow down just a bit!

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