Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Best of the net: Fall Home tour faves

Have you ever had one of those moments where the stars aligned, the light of Heaven shown down and you were in total, complete bliss?

I'm a geek - GEEK - for fall/Halloween/Christmas home decor. I'm the girl who subscribed to Better Homes and Gardens magazine instead of People at the age of 18.  Yes, they delivered it to my dorm room, thank you for asking. I wait every year for mid-September when two amazing things happen: 1) PSL, 2) 100 Days of Holidays e-mails from BHG.com.

(Sidenote: I'm still a little on the fence about Pinterest, even though it should probably be right up my alley. Sometimes I love it. Sometimes the crazy amounts of creativity all in one place makes my head feel like it might explode. Plus, all my seemingly-creative ideas seem to slide through a sieve once I get on Pinterest and see that someone else has already done it better than I could have. WHAT'S IN YOUR WATER, Pinterest people? I want some!  Rant over.)

This year, BHG went one step further and hooked up with some amazing and talented bloggers to creat the Finding Fall Home Tour. You guys? It's like Christmas morning, calorie free ice cream, a full night's sleep and fireworks all rolled into one. With a pumpkin spice latte on the side.

So today, a crazy-talented roundup of a few of my faves from the tour. You can see the whole thing by checking out Finding Home. Grab your coffee and a cozy spot to sit, because you'll want to stay a while.

via The Yellow Cape Cod (Drool.)

via Thislewood Farms (Double drool.)

RIGHT?  Aren't you in the mood to go out and buy some mums, pumpkins and burlap?!  Nothing's better than a little inspiration on your computer screen.  No - not even a PSL.  (Well, we'll call it a tie.)

Have an inspired day!

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