Monday, September 30, 2013

The dining room is all grown up

One of the things I was most excited about when we decided to sell our house was the thought that I might have an actual dining room.  

In our old house, the "dining room" (yes, it deserves the air quotations, because it wasn't actually a room.  More like "undefined space probably used for eating and stuff") sat right off the kitchen, and was only large enough for a small table.  We did the best we could with it, but it was never a great space for entertaining.

This is my superproud BHG photo moment.  Yes, I was in the BHG 100 Days of Holidays e-mail.  One time.  A really long time ago.  

This table was accomplished because we purchased two identical tables - they were super cheap and I like the look - and stuck them end to end.  'Cause we're classy like that.

A dining room was one of those non-negotiables on my list when we were house hunting.  I couldn't keep shoving two tables together in a room that was waaaay too small like the dining version of a fat guy in a little coat - I just couldn't do it.

After spending the last year living in a construction zone of varying levels of completeness, I was so excited to have the opportunity to actually pull together a table.  A themed out, season-appropriate table, because I'm super OCD and since I'll never cure cancer, my love language is to feed people and make things pretty I'm an amazing homemaker.

So here's a little of the decorating and renovating and finishing we've been doing around here to take these empty walls from house to home. 


We've got an awful lot of blue and green working in our house right now; it's kind of the glue that's holding the whole design together, and it extended to our dishware.  Since those aren't traditional "fall" colors, I wanted something that would incorporate the blue and green, but in a way that still lends itself to a fall feel.  I already had the galvanized wash tub - which I adore - so we filled it with seasonal flowers.  The pumpkins I found at Pier 1, and I like them because they pull in not only that fall feel but also unify the other gold and silver elements in the room.

I made the napkins, which I like because of their versatility.  A gold-ish charger, a bit of twine and a simple hand-printed name tag, and we're in business.

I'm really enjoying displaying my dishware, all out in the open and whatnot.  It's a nice alternative to letting it collect dust 362 days a year.   Usually those pillar candles sit on the top shelf where that awkward space is, but they were upgraded to prime real estate on the table. 

Also, that square plate up there?  It used to look like this...

...but it's gotten a facelift to work with the decor in our new home.  I firmly believe in the transforming power of paint.

I'm loving all the natural elements in this room.  The flowers, the metal, the twine, the hint of glamour with the gold and silver, but in a way that doesn't overpower.  There is a lot happening with color and texture, but it still all works.

The room opens to both the living room and the kitchen - which means it's a fabulous running ground for children and dogs.  Is it weird that I really like the sound of their screaming and pounding feet as they run themselves silly in circles through my house?

The chandelier in this room (which, sadly, didn't make it into the photo) is the only original light fixture left in this house... and I'm seriously considering spray-painting it blue.  What?  Too far?  

I'm not completely sold on the art above the buffet.  It too was a beloved part of our old home, and has been with me since my very first apartment.  Although I love the print itself, I'm not sure it "goes" in our new house.  What do you think?

So there you have it!  Our first grown up dining room table in our first grown up dining room.  And just in time, too, because we were lucky to have ten people (not including the two preschoolers and SIX! littles that have been born in the last 13 months) join us for dinner recently.  Turns out, it's the perfect space for entertaining.  We all FIT!  Can I get a woohoo?!

It's a serious upgrade from those two tiny stucktogether tables of our first house.

Have I mentioned that we're kinda loving it?

Have a great Monday, and let us know if you have any questions!


  1. Beautiful room.Love those fall colors .
    Thanks for sharing.
    Coming from Centsational Girl.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

    1. Wow! I love the colors you've used! What a great perspective to use throughout your home! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Oh am I in love with this room! The details are perfection! Thanks for sharing with Life Created link party; hope you'll join us again this week!



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