Monday, September 23, 2013

Week 3 Roundup

Our third week of preschool was brought to us by the letter A and the garden of Eden.

Predictably then, our activities were chalk full of one thing: APPLES!

We made prints using apples and paint.  Once they were dry, we used them to do a variety of activities.  We hung them on the wall and practiced counting in order, which she has completely mastered. 

I gave her a basket, and she got to "pick" the apples off the "tree" (aka the wall.  It wasn't fancy, but totally fun anyway.)  She recognizes the numbers in order, so we were done with this in about five minutes, but it was enough fun that I put them back up and we did it again a few times. 

We did an apple taste test, and had great conversations about the ways that the apples are similar and different.  We got to explore the word OBSERVE.  My favorite part of homeschooling isn't the activities, it's the conversations and listening to her frame the world for herself.  She knows so much!

We recorded our findings (while practicing the letter X, of course).  She got a little mavericky and drew her first S - totally on her own - for "soft" and a G for juicy.  Love.

This child loves her work books, so we did a little of that too.

And I'm quite happy to report that the chalkboard is getting its fair share of use!  (Those big circles are apples, not bombs, in case you were wondering.)

We used the apples to do a few things, including working on patterns, and doing this apple craft based on our memory verse.  I'm starting to suspect that Leah knows quite a few sight words.  She decided that she wanted to glue down "God" first, so she picked it up and pulled it out of the pile.  

 Except that I hadn't read the words to her yet, or told her anything about what we were doing.

Logan really liked this activity.  I heard an awful lot of "ooooooh!" pointyfinger.  

We made applesauce and apple pie.  We made an apple tree using her foot and her hands.  We drew apples with water colors and made a diagram of an apple on a paper plate.

On Friday, we took a little trip to a farm to pick raspberries.  I looked for a you-pick-it apple orchard, but just couldn't find one.  It's been an unusual year weather-wise in Colorado, so perhaps it just wasn't in the cards.  

So that wraps it up for us!  We're looking forward to the letter Z and the story of Noah's Ark!

Leah and Logan - Dancing in September.
What triumphs and challenges did you face this week?  Anything you and your child are particularly proud of?  Brag it out!

Happy learning, friends!


  1. Love these letter A activities!

  2. These are some fun letter A activities. It is great that you tied into fall with the apple theme too! Thank you for linking up this week to the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop :-)

    1. I love the link up! It's so much fun to get great ideas all in one place. I'm always inspired when we stop by!


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