Tuesday, September 10, 2013

God's Word is a Treasure {hunt}

So, here's the thing: you guys are all about this sensory bin craze, and I am like a bajillionty years behind on this one.  I get it.  Sensory bins = good = Melissa get on the bandwagon!  I feel like I'm the only one still playing Oregon Trail.  I'm all trying to ford the river and dying of dysentery while you guys are all super cool grovin' out on your Just Dance 27.  Yeah, because your slick dance moves are so going to save you during the apocalypse.  I'm learning survival skills, people, like how to shoot antelope with my mouse-musket.  On my MS-DOS.  Booyah.

But you know what?  We caved to peer pressure.  I took your advice.  We did a sensory bin!

Wait for it, I've gotta have the tricked out intro photo:

Just because I'm late to the ball doesn't mean I can't look good dancing, right?

Our lesson was about God's word, centered on the idea that God's word is a treasure.  If you're using the same curriculum as we are, this was a week 1-inspired activity.  And also: SHOUT OUT TO MY FELLOW GLE peeps!  Wooooo!

Here's what we used:

:: Clear plastic bin
:: 6 bags of misc beans (thank you, Tarjay)
:: Jewels, beads, other misc shiny objects or legit gold coins if you happen to be a pirate.  I am not, hence the beads.
:: God's Word is a Treasure printables, which I colored yellow

I hyped it as a treasure hunt, because she was totally excited about finding things during our X Marks the Spot activity.  I dumped all the beans in the plastic bin and cleverly hid our treasure, which was pretty small and kinda tough to spot amid the beans, so I left one or two pieces on top to help her know what to look for.  

She was really excited each time she found an item.  We did a lot of talking about how the beans felt versus the treasure, and trying to see if she could find them just by touch alone (that only worked a couple of times).

Then, because she has never used glue before, I let her go to town with the glue stick.  I may have intervened a little with the order of the printable, but she got to decide where to actually glue them down.  I also had to use the glue gun on a the big round beads in order to secure them properly, but otherwise, she was in charge of this one. 

And, she wanted to write her name at the bottom.  I mean... who am I to stop her when inspiration strikes?!  (Okay, Leah, I guess you can write your name unassisted.  FINE.  If you must.)

So there you have it.  I made it into the 21st century.  If only I'd cave and get an iPad, then I'd really be cool.

Happy Learning, friends!


  1. Fun times! We are getting ready to start our letter "x" on Monday and I am super super excited! I do love the thought of sensory bins, but I really hate the mess. I am not even Type A at all, just lazy and don't like cleaning up ;) My 3 year old daughter does great with them (she is who will be starting GLE next week) but my 21 month old son likes to dump all the contents on the floor. So his are few and far between :) So deprived! Anyway, I will be following along your journey! I haven't blogged in ages, but I might even attempt to pick it back up!

    1. Oh my gosh, how fun! It's really a neat program, we are so enjoying it! I hope you will blog, I'd love to hear your take on all the activities! Thanks for stopping by!


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