Tuesday, August 11, 2015

It happens when it happens. Sometimes, on the couch.

It happened so very suddenly and smoothly that I haven't even paused to write about it.

In fact, it's downright shameful.  I've completely failed to mention: our family got a wonderful new addition.  

 My mom is one lucky lady; she has two children and has gotten four grandchildren in almost exactly 4 years.

Logan in 2012, Greyson in 2013, Olivia in 2014 and most recently...

 sweet baby Jackson Theo.

And the story of his birth?  Holy. Moly.

Remember my experience with Logan?

Yeah, this was nothing like that.   

Jackson was born at home.  Yes, you can add to the cloth diapering and the homeschooling that a member of our family also had a home birth.  I heard it.  Crunch.

 His mother had about three hours of labor.  Yes, you read that right.  Three.  From start to finish.

Oh yeah, and I mentioned that her friend Hillary delivered him, right?  Because he literally came out about 10 minutes before the midwife arrived.

 It was crazy.  CRAZY.  AMAZING.  All of the above.

I can't show you any of the photos from the all of about 30 minutes I was there before Mr. Jackson came out.  Partly because there was, like, NO time to snap any photos.  Also, partly because when you have a baby that quickly, it's intense.  Super intense.  It's really not worth scaring anybody.

Momma didn't even actually push the baby out.  Not in the way I'm accustomed to, anyway.  The classic hold-your-knees, chin-to-chest, ugly-squishy-tons-of-effort-pushing-face that I experienced and that I've seen others do.


Jackson basically came out, all on his own, as we all tried to tell her to STOP!!! PUSHING!!!!

Ummm... yeah.  It turns out, you can't stop it from happening.  Even if the midwife isn't there yet.  Even if you're on the couch in your bonus room.  Even if your "crack support team" is running around like crazy folk trying to boil water like it's 1899.


But, all's well that ends well.

Thankfully, Jackson came out perfectly and started breathing all on his own.  It could not have been a more textbook delivery.  Kelsey didn't even tear.

And, after a thorough examination by the midwife and a little relocation from the bonus room couch, things looked like this:

And Auntie got to work snapping some photos that are a little less memorable, though perhaps more "frame-friendly."

Eventually, once mom and dad had gotten a chance to admire their precious little one (and because labor makes us tired and hungry), I had a chance to steal the little guy.

Ooofta.  Newborns are a very special brand of awesome.

Congratulations, Kelsey and Garrett, on your second beautiful miracle.  And my darling sister: WOW.  You are really good at that labor thing.

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