Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Livvy 1.0

She turned one.  

I mean, I knew she would.  They all do, those little stinky kids.  Even when you beg them to stay babies, they do that ornery growing thing that seems to afflict their species.  

Yes, that tiny baby lady grew.  She grew and she grew and she grew.  She grew until she was big enough to stand and eat and babble and crawl.  Big enough to do all those things that big - not baby - girls do.

1 year stats:
Height: 29in (45th percentile)
Weight:  17.12 lbs (20th percentile)
Head circumference: 46.4cm (87th percentile - and the first of our children to be under 95th!)

She was our smallest baby at birth, and at one she's still the littlest yet.

Some things about Miss Livvy at one year:

She is not walking yet.  She takes after her sister on this one, and does not like to fall down.  She does love to stand, however.  And she is still my barnacle, which sortakinda gets in the way of the whole 
walking process.

She loves to get into things.  The pantry.  The school drawers.  The dishwasher.  It doesn't really matter.  We put her toys in a bucket just so she can pull them out. 

She splits the difference between sister, who had exactly zero teeth, and brother, who had 6 teeth.  She comes in with two on the bottom and no sign of any on top.  Though the massive amount of drool causes me to think they are coming... eventually.

She has recently graduated from the on-your-belly army crawl to the hands and knees version.  And you can't stop that kid these days!

She is such a good little eater.  Although by some miracle, she does not care for avocado or pears (which my other two absolutely adored).  I don't know that she has a favorite, but I can say that her favorite part of meal time is when she tells us she's done.  By giving us "the stare" and throwing food off her tray piece by piece.  She will eventually sign all done, but only after she's had her fill of chucking food off. 

She also loves to share her food, and will grin as she offers each of us a bite in turn. 

She is still pretty stone-faced much of the time.  I love her little expressions.

The kid loves to splash.  She splashes like a madwoman in the bathtub, and the times we've been to the pool I literally have to hold her to keep her from putting her face all the way under the water.  I think her favorite are those little fountains - the small ones - that squirt up from the ground.  She will sit with those between her legs so that she can splash and put her head in them.  She's hilarious.

Another funny Livvy-ism: she points to pictures of herself, and then to herself, acknowledging that it's her in the photo.  Love that kid. 

She speaks only a few words: good girl, hi, yes/yeah and I think mama is in there too.  She signs "more" and "all done."  It's not a lot for our family of big speakers, but I adore all the signs of intelligence she shows.  She mimics noises and matches pitch, and she's at that point where she is beginning to point out pictures in books when you ask her to find things.  She follows directions.  She can put things "IN" when you ask her to, and take them "OUT!" again.  I love, love, love this phase.  I cannot wait to hear her little voice begin to come out! 

We gave up nursing just a few days ago, and the transition has been pretty smooth.  

She wears size 2 diapers (disposables), her cloths are snapped on the last snap, size 2/3 shoes and still wears mostly 9 month clothing.  I can put her in the 12 mo, but she's got room to grow.  

And there you have it.  Sweet little Livvy Lou, WE LOVE YOU!!!  

I am so happy, lucky and blessed by each of these wonderful little one year olds.  

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