Tuesday, December 8, 2015

This is what Christmas smells like

More than any other of our five senses, scent is the most directly linked with memory.

And no wonder.  Who among us can't conjure a particular image from our past when we inhale that sultry smell of summer grass.  Or catch a breath of leaves in autumn, ripe and honey sweet.  For me, the wonderfully calming scent of my babies' lotion fills fills me with an instant sense of peace and home and makes me think of soft, newly washed tiny ones.

Scent has the power to transport us, instantly, to another time; another world beyond the one that exists in front of our eyes.

I can't take credit for the recipe I'm about to share with you.  It came to me via my wonderful co-op director, who made a small batch for us as a Christmas present.

What I can tell you?  It smells outstanding.

Literally like Christmas.  Not just any old Christmas.  The sweet, nostalgic, Rockwell Christmas that may or may not actually exist outside of picture books.

Here's what you'll need:

Like so many truly wonderful things, the exact measurements don't matter.

:: About 1 cup cranberries
:: One orange, quartered
:: One Cinnamon stick
:: Handful of cloves

Combine all the ingredients in a pan with a half cup of water.

Allow to simmer on the stove at low temperature while enjoying the most delectable, festive, Christmas-y aroma wafting through your house.

Oh my goodness.  It is truly divine.

The best part is that you can refill the pan literally all day long, and it still smells just as terrific.

I'll wait while you run to the store.  You won't regret it.

Plus, add a mason jar and you've got yourself a nice little Christmas gift.  I'm just saying.

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!

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