Friday, December 18, 2015

What to do with those family photos

A while back, we had a lovely and talented local photographer take our family photos.

Our little family is in such a fun phase, and our photographer was absolutely excellent.  She was fun, patient, and great with the kids.  We are so thankful that she captured these images of our family just being us.    

A few of my favorites?

The location was one I've admired for a while, and it was absolutely hopping with other photographers, families and young couples.  

There was even one group having the entire extended family photographed, including maybe ten adults and a dozen children.  It was quite the production!

Poor Olivia was having a terrible day.  She was breaking four teeth, running a fever, snotty and miserable. She wouldn't let me put her down, and even then she refused to be comforted.  Well, let me just show you:

There it is!  That's the face we saw the most of.  Assuming she wasn't wailing, that is. 

There was plenty of that, too.  

Oh well.  Every party has a pooper.  For us, it's usually Livvy!

She captured some great images of the kids on their own.

This photo is so true to my big girl!  Sweet and sassy all wrapped up in one package.  I can't believe how big this one is getting. 

And this one, too.  He's quite the grown up little man!

There were some sweet ones of the kids together. 

I am so grateful to have these images of the silliness, seriousness and personality of our family right now.

When we got the images back, there was one that stood out obviously as "the one."  It was begging to be framed, and I knew just how I was going to display it.

Remember this sign I made to hang above Logan's crib?  I loved that darn thing.  I loved making it, I loved the way it looked in his nursery.  But, when the nursery's new occupant moved in, I didn't have much use for it and it was relocated to the basement.  Until now!

Boom!  Casey touched up the paint and added some small molding that I had stained to frame out the photo.  Thanks to the lovely services of the good folks at Costco, we had it enlarged as a 20x30 and printed.  I love the way it turned out!

The best part is that it fills out this big space in the living room that has been open and empty for quite some time.  It's going to look really great once we get those baseboards finished (*cough, cough* Casey!).  

I'm so happy that we have these images to cherish!

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