Sunday, December 6, 2015

Parade of Lights 2015

Is it really December?

The tree is set up.  The house is decorated.  I kept my yearly tradition of breaking my word to my husband and listening to Christmas music way before Thanksgiving (sorry Casey.  It could get better.)

But it still seems amazing to me that we've entered the very last month of 2015!

We embarked on one of our very favorite Christmas traditions, and we had an extra surprise for the kids this year.

Ice skating!

This little rink was set up smack-dab in the middle of downtown Denver, and it is an adorable and nostalgic addition.  So Christmas-y!


Leah has been begging to go ice skating again since her birthday, so we took some time in the afternoon before the parade to make that happen. 

We initially had Logan out on the ice, too. 

It lasted all of about two laps.  Ice skating was not his favorite.

The whole endeavor actually only took about 8 minutes from start to finish.  Leah had a great time, until she fell a few minutes in and that was the end of that.  

After our adventures on the ice, we went to Maggiano's for dinner.  

I love that they have everything all done up for the holidays.  The decor, the music, obviously the food (yum!), it is always such a great experience at this time of the year. 

The kids were such hams!

I guess it was a long day, but they were definitely a bit nutty.  Not loud or obnoxious, just silly.  Very, very giddy and silly.

They made each other laugh and amused themselves while we waited for the food by making funny faces.

I love those faces!  And, try as we might, Olivia always seems to have a knife.  Don't ask me why... and don't be surprised if you see her on the news 25 years from now, because it is always the thing she goes for if we go out to dinner.  Somehow, despite the fact that they all get cleared out of her reach, that child can use the force or telepathy or her secret go-go-Gadget arms to obtain even the most remote knife on the table.

We were fortunate that the weather was awesome.  I think that's the second year in a row.  It was cold, but festively so.  The kind that is crisp and clear, but nobody loses any body parts.

By the way, how do you like Logan's rockin' hot cocoa Fu Manchu?  Pretty stylin.

They were so excited!  And so silly!

They did settle down, and had an awesome time at the parade, as we always do.  My kids just adore watching all the different elements as they go by: floats, marching bands, balloons, dancers and everything in between.  They sing along with the music, cheer and encourage the marchers and shout thank yous to the police and fire men and women.  It's so much fun.  

And they lose their minds - Buddy the Elf style - when Santa comes along.  

For the record: I have no idea where they get that.  

It was a wonderful day.  I always feel so blessed to share this season with the ones I love most of all!

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