Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Transformation Tuesday

There are few things quite so wonderful as starting off the year with a transformation.

Now, here's the thing: we didn't actually do this transformation this year.

Or... last year.

There are a number of things on the renovation front I've been meaning to share and simply haven't had the time to do it.  I'm excited to finally show you this room today, because it is probably my favorite.  It may even be the most dramatic transformation we've completed so far.

This particular transformation dates all the way back to 2014, when we were still a family of four. The soon-to-be middle child needed to come out of the nursery to make way for a new addition, and we were ready to have a real kids room.  But to really appreciate just how far this room has come, we have to take it all the way back to where we started in the fall of 2012:

Oooofta.  There it is.  The original "before" in all its glory.  We did some updating, painting and carpeting when we first moved in, eventually replacing and upgrading the windows.

Things got better, but it was never really the room I dreamed it could be.

Then, with Olivia taking over the nursery, we knew that we wanted Logan and Leah to move in together for the foreseeable future.  While we were at it, we knew that it was time to makeover the space that had always settled for just okay into a truly wonderful place to be.

Welcome to the new (yes, it still counts!) and improved kids' room:

Since we were combining our girl and boy, together in a shared space, there were a couple of things that were important in planning the design.

  1. It had to be gender neutral, with hints of boy and girl but not too heavy on either side.
  2. When they moved in, they were only 4.5 and 2 so we didn't want the room to be too grown up.
  3. At the same time, we also wanted to steer clear of anything that felt overly theme-y or would be outgrown by either one faster than a pair of shoes. 

I absolutely love way this space turned out.  I think we succeeded in hitting a sweet spot that addresses all three issues.

The walls have been unified and lightened so that everything feels bright and airy, and so much bigger!  We went with accents of pink and blue - the respective favorite colors of Leah and Logan - wood and metal tones, and a healthy dose of white.

Floating shelves on either side of the bay window house their vast collection of books and create two cozy little reading nooks.

The vintage, slightly industrial look I was going for was emphasized by the lighting, and my lovely husband had the brilliant idea to run it with metal piping across the window itself. It's a detail I was skeptical about at first but have come to really love.  I'm so glad he convinced me to take the plunge!

My very favorite part by far, though, has to be this amazing planked wall.

It makes such a lovely statement, but subtly so.  It's the kind of thing that you enjoy without really noticing why it is so pleasant.

We added the dual L's and an ampersand marquis in galvanized metal, and the arrow marquis below to tie in and lend a little vintage-inspired charm.

Trying to select art was a bit of a challenge.  I had already purchased a few more "girly" items before we decided to move the kids in together.  I loved them and hated to see them go to waste.  After we painted white picture frames to match the rest of the room, and added a few items that balance and bring in more of that "boy" presence, the display works perfectly for my two little ones.  

That big space in the middle used to house a piece of art they collaborated on... but the darn frame keeps falling down.  So for now, it remains a big empty gap.  Oh well.  Life. 

A few other vintage-y, industrial(ish) details include this absolutely adorable alarm clock in bright red (of course!), 

and these apple crates that serve as toy boxes.  

Yeah, those happen to be some of my favorites.  

Each of my children got to select their own bedding so that they both have a sweet, cozy space that is all their own. 

Of course, some guidance may have been offered from this end in the form of limiting their choices so that it worked with the grand plan...

But they don't seem to mind, in the end.  

This shared space has been such a blessing for our family.  I know that it isn't a permanent solution, but it has been so much fun to watch those two enjoying this room and making memories together.  It makes the whole thing worth it.  And, as an added bonus, we have a room that is bright and charming, fit for girl and boy... just the look we were hoping for!

{Here is the original design board, and a bit of our progress back in real time along the way!}

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