Friday, July 24, 2009


We have a new car!!!

Yes, after a year of looking, we are blessed to have an awesome new car! We were in desperate need... the clincher was a) finding out we're pregnant, and b) the fact that when we went camping this weekend, my poor little abused VW had some major issues. For example, the control panel that holds the air systems (um, yeah, I don't know car lingo at all) hasn't worked in over a year. The blower control is stuck on the one that forces it to blow air on feet only, and the level control only works sporatically, and only on max (so your options if you want heat or cold is either no air, or max air).

While camping, though, we added another fun dimension to this disaster: now, when we turn the air on, the control has started to melt because something is malfunctioning inside the panel and making it extremely hot! Delightful! As an extra special bonus, it started to smoke for some unknown reason as we were driving up the mountain. Yeah... that was the day we decided that the time had come to find something different.

So, suffice it to say that we are absolutely delighted by our gorgeous new car! Here is a shot from the side.

My proud hubby and his new purchase.

After tons of research, we decided on a Toyota Highlander. My criteria for purchasing a car were: 1) reliable, 2) relatively low cost to maintain, 3) holds its value well, 4) practical.

Casey's criteria looked more like this: 1) reliable, 2) powerful, 3) potential for off-roading, 4) BIG.

We both agreed that we wanted a Toyota; it nicely meets the first three of both our criteria. I wanted a Rav 4 because of it's fuel efficiency - while still being great to drive in Colorado's dicey winter weather - and I thought that it would be large enough to work for our family in the long-haul. Casey wanted a 4Runner because it is more powerful, bigger, and can definitely get anywhere we could possibly want to go. In the end, though, we test-drove both, and felt a little like Goldielocks in the house of the three bears. The Rav turned out to be waaay too small to accommodate the family we would ultimately like to have. The 4Runner turned out to be a bit more than we actually need. Although it would still be a great car, our awesome Highlander is "just right"... more suited to our needs, and a nice way to meet in the middle. I am thrilled!

The back seat... perfect size to fit a car seat!

Here is a shot of the trunk. Notice the cupholders on the side... eventually, when we're ready for it, there is a third row of seats that will open up to give us even more room. In the mean time, I'm pretty sure the doggies will enjoy riding back here when we go camping.
I am just thrilled about this purchase. It feels to me like an investment in our future. Casey won't have to worry about having a pregnant wife driving a car which has a tendency to break down randomly. He'll also be able to have confidence in the fact that we won't be stranded on the side of the road somewhere during a snow storm - we'll be able to get where we need to go, including the hospital in the middle of March for delivery. THAT is a big deal!!
Ever time I am in the car, I have such a sense of peace. I can take a deep breath and relax. The new car is a HUGE blessing, and an enormous load off my mind to know that we will be safe, secure, and have the car we need and one that fits our family for years to come!

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  1. And Mom can take a deep breath and relax! Thank you, Lord, for the blessing of a new car, for the load off MY mind, for Your generosity and provision. You are unchanging, ever faithful to provide for our needs. You are worthy to be praised. Now, when do we go 4-wheeling?


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