Saturday, July 25, 2009

Something that wasn't there before..

Thank goodness we go to the doctor next week. I would really like to know - from a doctor, based on an actual examination of Baby - exactly where we are in this pregnancy.

Based on my/the nurses' best guess, here I am at the start of week 7:
And, although I know it's slight, I have the tiniest little bump that won't go away. There is no doubt in my mind that it is new, and I can't suck it in like I would be able to if it was something less significant (say, for example, a weekend of poor eating)... hmmm...

All in all, I am absolutely loving being pregnant. I have been extremely fortunate, because I have not had any significant nausea that I can't fight off or ignore. Mostly, anyway - if I work really hard at concentrating on something else.
I have had some interesting cravings. The majority of time, it's not anything specific; but it is specifically not anything that I usually eat. Since I've been dieting, I have pretty much been off carbohydrates altogether. Since I've been pregnant, though, they're about the only things that sound good to me and definitely steer me clear of nausea. I have been craving a wonderful potato soup that I usually make in the fall and winter. It's a little odd to be eating it in the hottest month of the year, but Baby gets but Baby wants! Another weird one is an unusually strong urge to have tacos - unusual for me because tacos are one of the very, VERY few foods that I won't eat normally!
Overall, though, it is just an unbelievable experience to know that I am carrying a little life inside of me. I get caught up dreaming about our nursery, and having a little person sleeping there. A little person who fits inside of this...

... and already I am completely enamoured of our little blueberry.

Casey and I also decided how we are going to tell our friends and family, when we do finally decide to tell them. More to come on that later...

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