Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ready for her close-up

Yesterday, we had Leah's first "official" photo shoot.
Of course, she has been a favorite subject of our camera all her life - not one of all 11 days she has been alive has gone by without some documentation of her many amazing feats! But this was a professional photo shoot; I wasn't sure she could handle the pressure.
Fortunately, she is a pro and slept the whole way through the photo shoot.
It was a wonderful experience. The photographer came to our house and set up a portable little "stage" to take pictures. I can't wait to see the results; I think (and hope) we captured some awesome images that we will always treasure.

Here is a little teaser from our camera:

In other news, Leah had her first bath at home on Friday.

It started off okay...

By the end, though, she wasn't too thrilled.

She also did something rather amazing: she rolled over!!!!! All by herself!!

It was completely incredible (and coming from her fully unbiased mother, you know it must be true!). She was lying on her back getting ready for her bath, and the next thing I knew, she was on her side, then on her stomach. She couldn't quite get her arm out from underneath her to fully complete the roll (probably on account of the fact that she was nine days old!), but she was solidly on her stomach.

Of course, I had to call immediately for Casey and my mom, because I was in awe. I put her on her back, just to see if she could do it again, and this was the result:

All in all, a big weekend for a very big, grown up girl!

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  1. that video is so stinkin' cute! as is all those pictures, I can't believe how tiny she is!! :)


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