Thursday, March 11, 2010

"B" is for Blessings

My daughter is sleeping only a few feet away from me, bundled up on the chest of my wonderful husband.

Yes... my daughter.

She has been alive for almost 28 hours, and I am convinced that she must be the most beautiful, loved and wanted baby on the face of the planet.

After 28 hours of life, she is:
  • 7lbs 9 oz - down a tiny bit from the 7-12 she was at birth
  • A great sucker - she nurses beautifully and without any difficulty about every 2 hours
  • An awesome pooper - 5 dirty diapers so far (yes, these are the perks of being a mom!)
  • A good sleeper - she slept for 4 hours straight last night before I woke her up to nurse
  • Strong - she can already lift her head up for several seconds at a time
  • Gorgeous - okay, so I get to be completely biased. That is a mommy's priviledge and right!
  • Safe
  • Healthy
  • Loved

After 28 hours of my daughter's life, I am:

  • Sore - c-section was amazingly easy, I will post more about that later. Recovery is another story.
  • Strong - I didn't get to have my natural delivery, so I have to be tough in other ways!
  • Grateful, grateful, grateful. For my husband, who is my partner in all things. For my family, who are wonderful and supportive. For my beautiful, darling daughter, who is incredible beyond words.
  • The happiest I have every been!

Welcome to the world, Leah Madeline!

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