Monday, March 8, 2010


It has been very strange to know the date of our baby's arrival. It makes everything a little more poigniant (okay, a LOT more!)

For example, we are viewing quite a few things through a new lense:

This weekend was our last weekend as a family of two.

We saw Andrew and Jessica for the last time before they are "Uncle Andrew" and "Auntie Jessica."

I had my last coffee with Jessica before I have an entourage; the next time I see her, I'll have a beautiful baby girl in my arms and not my belly!

Today was my last day of work.

Tomorrow, Casey and I will have our last date night.

We will go to bed for the last time just the two of us (maybe that should actually read: we will go to bed and sleep through the night for the last time!)
It will be my last day being pregnant... I have mixed emotions about that one.

It is such a bizarre feeling to know a) that the baby will actually be here in such a short amount of time; b) how vastly different life is about to become!

Better than that, though, is that after we finish with all of these "lasts," we get to experience an amazing array of firsts!

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