Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Angel Baby

Two weeks old!

Why that seems like such a momentous thing, I suppose I don't know. Next week, she'll be three weeks old and so on...

But, for now, I'll celebrate my beautiful baby's two-week birthday.

The Bible tells us that God won't give us anything we can't handle; Casey and I must not be able to handle very much at all, because we have one of the sweetest, funniest, easiest babies in the entire world.

1. She sleeps for about four hours at a time every night.

2. In her 14 days of life, only one of those has been a "difficult" day.

3. She makes Daddy and me laugh with her emerging personality and wide array of expressions.

4. She almost never cries - maybe 30 minutes total in a day, and that's mostly to get our attention when she needs to be fed.

5. To my intense surprise, I have had exactly no issues breastfeeding. Don't hate me, mothers everywhere! Leah attached beautifully just a few minutes after arriving in the world, and it has been easy ever since.
In fact, one of the things that most surprised me about becoming a mother was how absolutely natural breastfeeding feels. I thought it would be strange and foreign; instead, it is as if I have done it a million times! What could possibly be more natural?

6. She loves to be cuddled.

7. She enjoys kisses from mommy (or at least, I like to pretend she does!).

8. She has one of her awake times right when Daddy gets home. Perfect!

9. She still gets the hiccups about one hour after eating, and she still doesn't like to sleep in the car. So familiar to me from her time on the "inside!"

10. She is already strong and independent. From holding up her own head to rolling over, I am routinely amazed by Leah's strength. She also shows such signs of being her own little lady - she doesn't ever want anyone to help her as she latches on; she already likes to do it herself. She also likes to hold her own passi (assuming her little hands can find it!).

My favorite pass-time of the past two weeks has been to sit and stare at her. No, I don't get much done, but it is amazing how gratifying and special it is to gaze at my daughter. Besides, what else could possibly be more important?! It certainly won't be like this forever, so I have to take advantage of it while I can!

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