Saturday, May 22, 2010

How to Make a Stand

When you're two and a half months old, standing up on your own isn't really an option, given the gigantic head, poor neck control and subsequently bad balance.

But, if you're Leah, that doesn't mean you won't try...

Okay, I know it doesn't exactly come across because they're pictures, but what you can't see is that Leah is totally standing on her own. She's fully supporting her weight. Dad's role was just helping her balance.

I think we'd better be prepared... I imagine we'll have a little mover here long before we're ready!

Standing really wears you out!

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  1. i have been such a comment slacker! but I have loved all your posts lately, it is so sweet to see how much you love being a mom! Leah is one lucky girl!


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