Saturday, May 8, 2010

Weighing In

It has been a week of doctors appointments for both mommy and Leah. Thankfully, we both look good, and everything is normal.

At just shy of 2 months old, here are Leah's stats:

Height: 23 inches (+3 inches from birth)
80th percentile

Weight: 11.35 lbs (7.12 at birth)
75th percentile

Head circumference: 16 inches around (can that be right???)
95th percentile!

I knew that Leah would need a series of inocculations at her appointment yesterday, and I prepped myself mentally, knowing that it would be difficult. I hate shots and needles as it is, let alone watching her go through it.

What I didn't know was that she would need three separate shots.

I have never seen my sweet baby's face go that red that quickly. Poor Leah was so upset by her shots that she couldn't even get enough breath to cry. Instead, what came out was a very strangled, soft sob - which was infinitely worse - accompanied by a few actual tears, which she hasn't been able to produce up until now.

It absolutely broke my heart.

I was in tears with her as she sat on my lap and received her shots - not to mention long after she had nursed herself back into contentment. Turns out, I'm *not* as tough as I think I am.
My doctor's appointment was much less eventful. I am healing well from the c-section. I've lost a little over half the weight I gained during my pregnancy (not bad, considering it's 8 weeks out and I couldn't exercise for 6 of those).

Most of the time, I feel completely back to normal, and it seems extremely strange to me that I had major surgery just two months ago!

Although... I tried to do crunches for the first time earlier this week, and felt extremely weak and a fairly decent stab of pain from my abdomen. I took that to mean I'm still not 100% healed, but I'm definitely encouraged by how quickly I've gotten back on my feet.

Despite the fact that my waist is close to my pre-pregnancy size, I may never again get back into those "skinny jeans." My hips are a LOT wider than they used to be, and I wonder if they will ever go back.

And I don't care whether they do or not. For this little lady, I'd buy new pants any day of the week! :)

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