Friday, June 3, 2011


We had one of those days.

Those days that make you really, really happy when it's time for the husband to come home.

One of those days where I'd prefer to be curled up in the corner rocking myself slowly.

One of those toddler days where Leah cried like a banshe every.single.time I had to say no to something. 

Really, her requests were quite reasonable.  Things like wanting to touch the stove while it was on.  And hitting me in the nose just for fun.  And shoving apples into her ears.  It was Mommy who was limiting her fun. 

So when it got to be 4:30 and I hadn't heard from Casey, I knew it was time to take evasive action. 

I broke out my secret weapon: FinPaYo.

What's that you say?  You've never heard of FinPaYo?  (gasp!)

It's totally the latest craze.  Almost as good as FroYo.  (You know... Frozen Yogurt?  Same concept.  I may or may not have just invented it.)

FinPaYo - Finger Painting Yogurt! 

A few drops of food coloring and a few spoonfulls of yogurt, and Leah and I had ourselves a grand old time. 

After the intial thrill of eating the yogurt with her bare hands wore off, she actually made some pretty spectacular art work.  I even added sprinkles and accessories before it was all over.

The best part?  It was a cinch to clean up. 

And, I can credit FinPaYo with saving our Friday afternoon (and along with it, my sanity).

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  1. love that idea! I am so going to steal it :) also, how did you get your header picture to be so big??


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