Saturday, October 8, 2011

Coming and going, and coming back again

It's just an ordinary weekend, but those are my very favorite kind.

Leah and I went on a bit of a shopping spree (thank you, Old Navy!) for a few much needed Mommy, Daddy and Leah items.  I am lucky to have such a great little shopping buddy!  She does fabulously when we go to any store, so it's always fun to take her along.  It's nice not to be that mom, with that screaming child (we've seen more than one of those parents out and about this weekend.  I'm sure my day is coming...) 

Bonus?  It resulted in my new favorite outfit:

...which we got to debut at Music Together class to wide approval.

We also tried to go to a local Scarecrow Festival, but since the weather looks like this:

that's 39 degrees and raining, in case you were wondering. was postponed.  We went home and took a nap instead.  (BLISS!) 

Is there such a thing as fall cleaning?  I don't know if it was all the new clothes, or I've suddenly just got the bug, but I am itching to get things in our house tiddied up and organized.  I started here:
So long, 12 month clothes!  It was fun while it lasted!

Probably because I had to make room for these:

Hello, 18 months!
And, because the weather is so delightful awful, I'm making broccoli cheese soup and bread for dinner - a meal whose sheer yum-osity is off the scale.  We have every intention of finishing out the night with brownies and Halloween.

That's my kind of fall day!


  1. sounds like a lovely weekend! You should post your soup recipe b\c now I really want to try some :) And I love packing up Lyla's old clothes, there is something so satisfying about putting them in a tub and out of the way. I always look forward to Lyla's new clothes, too!

  2. We should plan to run into each other at the scarecrow festival in olde town this weekend if you ar still planning on going. We'd love to see you!

  3. I KNEW for a fact that I was never going to be THAT parent in the store with my child screaming his head off...I was wrong. Hopefully that won't happen to you. Maybe it's just a boy thing but don't be too surprised if two comes around and your sweet little girl shows you how the "Terrible Twos" got it's name. I'll pray for you. Haha! :)


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