Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Doubled? Check, and check.

I've been in awe at how BIG my little guy is getting.

I know that sounds like one of those "oooh my baby is growing up too fast," Mommy's-all-nostalgic things to say. 

But seriously. 

I can't keep this kid in clothes.  He seems to get bigger literally every time I see him.  I swear I can actually see him growing between the time he goes to bed and when he wakes up. 

We went to his two month appointment today, and aside from the fact that everything is healthy and on-track, I was most pleased to have a little validation.

I'm not crazy - he really is growing like a weed. 

They're supposed to double their weight at six months.  This child of mine has accomplished that in two (okay, full disclosure: 2 months and a week).

Height: 23 inches (20 at birth) - 52%.
Weight: 14.6 lbs (7.5 at birth) - 90th%!
Head: 16 1/2 (can't remember at birth... normal sized) 98th%

Oki doki.

Turns out, I'm totally okay with having a little more to love. 

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