Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thankful goes on the dashboard

Dear past Melissa: I'm so glad your crystal ball was working last Thanksgiving, when you had the foresight to know that your family would need a road trip round about this time. 

Seriously good call. 

Particularly because, well, the cabin in Estes Park that you selected for your family of four to spend its first Thanksgiving had a hot tub on the deck overlooking a river. 

Oh yeah.  That was exactly as awesome as you might imagine. 

There was a Thanksgiving dinner not prepared by yours truly and consumed in full view of a mountain sunset overlooking a lake.  You took a beauty in a red dress and two handsome guys as dates, and everyone ate an obscene amount of turkey.


There was a boy with a monkey on his butt,

a smile on his face,

and lots of kisses from his big sister.

There were morning snuggles,
lots of smiles,

and, oh yeah, have I mentioned the hot tub?

The weather could not have been more beautiful,

the wildlife wasn't shy
and there were lots of opportunities for photos.


Maybe this will become a new family tradition.  It was certainly a much needed break. And a whole four days of uninterrupted time with my family? 
Yes, please.

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