Wednesday, November 28, 2012



Why is it that three months of pregnancy seems to take sixteen lifetimes, yet three months as a new mom flies by? 

It's impossible to believe that my sweet boy is three months old.  A quarter of a year has passed with our wonderful little man.

At three months:

Logan absolutely loves toys.  Much more than I remember Leah doing.  He can lay forever on his tummy time mat, playing with the little figures that hang down.

He's starting to sleep in longer stretches through the night.  He goes down beautifully, and is a much more sound sleeper than his sister ever was.  But he's not over the hump yet - still waking every few hours to nurse and go back to sleep.  I'm not quite as patient as I was the first time, and I can't begin to explain how desperately I long for more than two or three hours of sleep at a time.  We'll be starting sleep training soon, 'cause Momma's not doing so hot. 

Sucks his three fingers to help soothe himself.

Tries to sit up on his own, and loves to sit and stand on his own (okay, clearly he still needs us for balance). 

Has the best giggles, and smiles all the time. 

I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but I think he might be more verbal than his sister.  He is always chatting and singing, and he seems to be experimenting much more with language.  I know I sound like a crazy person, but I'm telling you, the kid honestly answers when I ask him how he's doing.  He tells me "good" clear as a bell. 

His favorite place to lay is still in the Moby, hanging out on mom.  I still like it, too. 

He doesn't like to lay down or be held in a laying position unless he's nursing.  He's much rather you hold him up so he can see what's going on in the world.

He absolutely hates the car.  He's reached the point now that he doesn't often fall asleep in the car, grocery store or stroller, which means that I'm usually serenaded with Leah's chatter or singing in the backseat, accompanied by a screaming baby, and the radio which I rely on to help me keep my sanity. 

This is totally TMI, but I'm recording it anyway.  He has stinky gas.  Maybe it's just a boy thing, because it seems really early to me... I don't recall that little gem happening until Leah had started on solids.  And it's quite a large smell from someone so tiny! 

He wears exclusively 6 month clothing.  Alright, and a few 3-6 month outfits.  At three months, he could no longer fit in 3 month clothing, and I'm sure we'll have to go to 9 month before too long.  He wears size 2 diapers (when not wearing cloth, that is.)

He's definitely a mover.  When I go in to get him from his naps, he is often 45 degrees in the other direction from where I put him down.  He also doesn't much care for tummy time, and roles himself back over to his back.

Overall, he is a sweet and easy baby.  He is snuggly, funny, and definitely loves his momma.  Although I'm desperately looking forward to the days I get to sleep more than a couple hours at a time, I couldn't be more grateful to be his mommy.  A year ago, I would never have imagined saying this, but boys are awfully special, too.  I am so thankful that I'm not the one in charge of those decisions around here!

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