Friday, September 10, 2010

A Very Merry Un-Birthday

How did we get...


Well, it all started as a small idea.  A little something to celebrate Leah's half birthday.  How could I resist that chance to celebrate? 

As so many of my ideas do, it grew...

And grew...

And grew...

We had a wonderful time watching that baby explore her presents.  She loved her books, enjoyed [chewing] the bows, and played with the cool little musical snail I've been eyeing for two months. 

And Mommy learned a very important lesson: if you don't want it to go in Leah's mouth, don't put it in front of her.  Even for the length of time it takes to take a picture.  I hadn't really intended on her eating the cupcakes - fortunately, she had more fun squishing them between her fingers than eating them!

Happy 6 month birthday to our sweet baby girl!  We love you pumpkin!

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